Vanessa Redgrave visits refugee camp in the port of Piraeus


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Excerpt from the Central News Bulletin of ERT-1 where the visit of the award-winning English actress Vanessa Redgrave to the camp of more than 5,000 refugees in the port of Piraeus is presented. Screenings of the actress and screenwriter Martin Sherman meet refugees as well as statements of the actress, the Minister of Culture Aristides Baltas, the Director of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival Jan Fabre and the ND MP Vassilis Kikilias are shown. Thn, the new refugee flows that the island of Lesvos receives and the number of refugees in the islands of the Eastern Aegean are described. Finally, the report contains the statements of the Minister of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction Panagiotis Kouroumblis, the Mayor of Athens George Kaminis about the refugee housing program of the Municipality of Athens as well as the upcoming expansion of the refugee center in Eleonas.

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