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From 16 until 26 July a conference about the future of Indonesia is held in the mountain town of Malino on Celebes between the Netherlands and all parts of Indonesia (except the Republic of Soekarno, i.e. Java and Sumatra). SHOTS: - on the airport of Makassar the Dutch lieutenant-governor-general dr. H.J. van Mook (in tropical outfit) and his wife arrive; Van Mook inspects the lined up guards of honour and then leaves by car to the governement palace; - Van Mook walks through the garden of the palace(?), followed by his wife and company, alongside a lined up guard of honour; - a guard of honour consisting of twohundred Indonesian horsemen in traditional clothing escort the car in which van Mook arrives in Malino; Van Mook shakes hands outside ; - several Indonesian representatives arrive and go into the meeting hall; - int. meeting hall: van Mook sits at the head of the table and addresses the gathered people; - Van Mook leaves the meeting hall.

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