News from Indonesia: arrival of the commission general unveiling of a monument at the cemetery Anjol in Batavia


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The Dutch commissioner general W. Schermerhorn, F. de Boer and M. van Poll arrive at the airport of Kemajoran near Batavia to have a meeting with the representatives of the Republic of Indonesia. They are being welcomed by a.o. governor general H.J. van Mook and they inspect the guard of honour with vice admiral A.S. Pinke. A commemoration service is held for the members of the resistance and the illegals who were executed during the Japanese occupation at the cemetery Antjol near Batavia, in the presence of governor general dr. H.J. van Mook, officers and relatives of the victims. Flowers and wreath are laid at the base of the monument. 00:10 Schermerhorn (the first to exit the plane); followed by De Boer and Van Poll; 00:23 Schermerhorn and Van Mook (the latter with tropical helmet).

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