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Formation of the new Zijlstra cabinet. Minister G.M.J. Veldkamp of Social Affairs and Public Health arrives for a meeting with Jelle Zijlstra, who is charged with forming a new government. Minister Joseph Luns of Foreign Affairs leaves the house, followed by former Prime Minister J.E. de Quay. Also arriving are former ministers Marga Klompé and P.J.S. de Jong, mayor H.B.J. Witte of Eindhoven, Minister Barend Biesheuvel of Agriculture and Fishery and Deputy Prime Minister, Minister I.A. Diepenhorst Of Education and Sciences, prof. P.J. Verdam and resigned Prime Minister J.M.L.T. Cals. Afterwards Zijlstra comes outside for the press. Then the new cabinet gathers. Veldkamp, Luns, Biesheuvel and Diepenhorst kep their current position, Zijlstra becomes the new Prime Minister, De Quay Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Klompé of Culture, Recreation and Social Work, De Jong of Defense, Witte Public Health and Spatial Planning and Verdam of Internal Affairs.

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