SubbIt! and audiovisual cultural heritage

TV archives offer insights into important historical topics that have shaped our past and continue to shape our present. They can bring history to life with first-hand accounts and add value to education by fostering critical thinking and stimulating creativity. 

In order to make these archives accessible to more people we have produced English subtitles for them through an automatic process. We now need your support in checking those subtitles and revising them as needed.

Subbit! is an initiative of the Europeana Subtitled Generic Services project, which focuses on the theme of ‘Broadcasting Europe’. The project highlights the social, political, and economical changes that shaped European history, as documented on television from the 1930s onwards. It adapts AI technology to cultural heritage audiovisual material to produce high-quality closed captions and English subtitles for selected video content


Who can take part?

Language and media enthusiasts, translation lovers, and advanced language students fascinated by European television stories and cultural heritage are warmly welcomed to join these events.

If you:

  • speak English and another language between Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Romanian, Slovenian or Spanish
  • spell, punctuate and use grammar accurately;
  • have a good eye, can review and correct subtitles; 
  • have a good sense of editing and timing;
  • are able to dedicate some time to the contest;

...then we are looking for you!


European year of the youth

This SubbIt! Event is also promoted as part of the European year of the youth (


How can I join?

Joining is free and open to everyone!

You can join the digital contest and register by clicking on the orange button above where it says “Enroll to this event”.

Note that this is an in-person event open to those who can physically attend.

Note that this is an online event open to anyone able to participate online.

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